I was born in Wuhan, China and since then had a wonderful time in the city. I received my high school degree in 1994 and began to study Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and then specified in CAD/CAM, CNC at the Nanjing University of Astronautics and Aeronautics with emphasis on Computer Graphic. Since then I had a nickname ZhangMao. In 2001 April I received my master degree from the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in NUAA. Right now I am working for a American software company in Nanjing. Ziyoo is my QQ name.

My main interests regarding Computer Graphics are Mesh and OpenGL Programming . At the company, I have lately been working on mesh and OpenGL.

Hobbies include: Playing Electric Guitar, Playing trumpet, Painting and calligraphy.
I got MCSE in 1999 and CCNA in 2000

My favorite score:

Recuerdos De La Alhambra

gaochun ancient street China Stone Lion
กก กก

windows in the street

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